What is TKLand?

TKLand, short for Toolkit Land, is based on the community of the game-making tool RPG Toolkit. The game stars all your favorite ( or not so favorite) members of the RPG Toolkit community like Spyder, Nick, Xorlak and EB. We're hoping to be the first ones to release a Tk Community game - previous attempts by other people/groups have all failed.

The Indreams Studios members currently involved in TKLand are G_Dragon, Indy, OBCT, Oyerth, Pezzer, and Sander. G_Dragon is helping with board design, Indy is working on graphics, animations and storyline, OBCT is helping with board design, Oyerth is working on the script and programming, Pezzer is working on the audio, and Sander is helping with board design.


TKL in the fast lane.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Yep that's right. TKL has been resumed by the majority of the IDS members. A lot has been done already so, keep checking back for updates.