The new world is thriving on a new way of thinking, RPGCode as a science. The old world of spells and magic are nothing more than old stories, but history is known to repeat itself; soon both worlds will collide.

Evil is never truly defeated, only supressed. It is in times of these supressions that people perceive a peace; a peace that doesn't really exist and never will. The prophecies speak of those who will stand against the evil, and the one that will lead them; these prophecies are beginning to unravel.

Spyder, an outstanding community member, has had haunting dreams since his childhood. Lately, however, these dreams have started to become reality. Destined to rise against a force in the new world, he must conquer his own fears if he is to stand a chance.

The only link he has to the wold world lies in the local RPGCode shop owner, MrG. With his guidance and loyal friends they set forth on an adventure to save the world from an unannounced evil and bring 'peace' back to TKLand.


Learn about the characters that make Tk Land's world go round.


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